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  • Dermacolor Moisturizer Cream
    £ 14.40

    Dermacolor Moisturizer Cream is very gentle on the skin and moisturizes through the use of various herbal ingredients such as avocado oil and aloe vera oil. Details: 50 ml

  • Graftobian Aloevation Toning/Smoothing Veil
    £ 30.00

    An innovative smoothing cream to instantly and visually diffuse lines and wrinkles.

    To use: Use in the morning following moisturizer.  Apply to face and neck, blending downwards.  Allow to dry prior to makeup application.
    Inside the formula: Contains our proprietary natural stone and aloe complex for long-term benefits in the reduction of facial lines and in dermal hydration for a younger-looking skin.

  • Graftobian DermaCare Recovery Balm
    £ 22.80

    For F/X makeup wearers who heavily overuse and over stress their skin. If your skin is required to be abused due to several quick change makeups, too rapid removal of prosthetics, etc., replenish lost oils and soften your skin with DermaCare Recovery Balm.  By utilizing the unlocked secrets of royal jelly in conjunction with our wellness blend of minerals and aloe, it restores what overuse of makeup can take away from your skin.

    To use: Typically used as a night cream, DermaCare can also be used for those suffering from sun burns or chapped skin and heels.
    Part Number:12796

  • Graftobian Oxyderm Moisturizer
    £ 32.40

    OxyDerm provides the skin with vital energy to keep it young and healthy-looking.  It contains several exciting ingredients to refine your skin, improve texture, clarity and tone, reduce puffiness and improve the overall radiance of your skin.

    To use: Gently massage into face and neck morning and evening to help deeply moisturize and firm the skin.
    "When you feel this oxygen cream on your face you will feel truly transported as your skin will be soothed and softened without any greasy film or residue. This is an absolutely first rate product."
     - Eric G. Coffman, President, Graftobian Makeup Co.

  • Grimas Skincare Cream
    £ 9.00£ 11.75

    Grimas Cleansing Cream is a soft, greasy and slightly conditioning cream for removing all types of make-up.

  • Grimas Skincare Cream 75 ml
    £ 9.00

    Grimas Skincare Cream is an unperfumed cream with a caring effect. It is used after removal of make-up and as a regular day cream for normal to dry skin. Skincare Cream comes in a 75 ml jar.

  • Kryolan Collagen Repair Cream
    £ 14.99

    Collagen Repair Cream contains maritime collagen, which can provide multiple compensation for collagen-III deficit: Reduction of collagenase activity, stimulation of the body’s own collagen-IIII synthesis, supply of native collagen, stimulation of formation of hyaluronic acid, which is closely connected to collagen development. But your Collagen Repair Cream can do even more. Its additional carefully selected ingredients provide powerful support with their effective characteristics: Allantoin: Anti-irritant and skin smoothener D-Panthenol: Hydrates the skin and supports moisture balance Aloe Vera: Biological moisturizer a-bisabolol: Active ingredient from chamomile All ingredients help your skin to relax and feel softly supple again – and soften the visible signs of aging. Details: 30 ml

  • Kryolan Dermacolor Cleansing Cream
    £ 9.50

    Dermacolor Cleansing Cream is perfectly suited make-up remover for everyday. Dermacolor Cleansing Cream gently removes Dermacolor Camouflage Cream and other make-up foundations. Details: 100 ml

  • Kryolan Dermacolor Cleansing Gel
    £ 12.00

    Dermacolor Cleansing Gel is a specially developed remover gel for regular use. Enriched with plant oils for gentle make-up removing. The remaining oil film may be rinsed off with water. Details: 75 ml

  • Kryolan Moisturizer Day Cream
    £ 24.00

    Moisturizer Day Cream treats your skin to a moisture cure care, with support and stimulation for dried skin. The multi-active ingredients of this cream have been systematically oriented to supply your skin with essential moisture, and to functionally compensate for any deficits. And even more: to coordinate the hydration balance of your skin to your individual potential. More skin moisture signifies greater elasticity and tone, and is secondarily associated with an anti-aging effect. This means diminished or fewer wrinkles. You will literally feel how the moisture of this cream moves over into your skin, and can sense it once the natural moisture factor in your skin regulates itself again. Details: 30 ml