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  • Airbrush Cleaning Pot
    £ 25.44

    PRODUKTKODE: 19905/00

    Airbrush Cleaning Pot gør det nemt og hurtigt at rengøre en airbrush pistol. Med et indbygget håndtag, kan Airbrush Gun, altid opbevares sikkert. For at rense den, sættes den ind i håndtaget, og rester af farver sprøjtes ind i en glas potte. Isopropyl alkohol er et effektivt produkt til at rense pistolen. Glas potten er nemt gjort rent, da dens åbning er stor og nem at komme ind til.

  • Kryolan Air Brush Cleaning Pot
    £ 15.99

    The Air Brush Cleaning Pot makes fast and easy cleaning of a airbrush-gun possible. With a built-in handle, the Airbrush-Gun can be securely stored at any time. In order to clean it, the Airbrush-Gun is placed into the handle and any color residue is sprayed into the glass pot. Using isopropyl alcohol can further enhance the cleaning result. An exchangeable filter collects surplus spray. The sturdy pot is easily cleaned due to its large opening.

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    Kryolan Nebula Airbrush Cleaner
    £ 10.00

    The Nebula Airbrush Cleaner is an effective detergent for airbrush guns. It removes all silicone-based airbrush make-ups and residues without harming the airbrush guns surfaces. Not a cosmetic product, not intended for use on skin. Do not inhale and only use in well ventilated rooms. Details: 120 ml