• Ben Nye Eyebrow Pencil

    Get natural, defined brows with Ben Nye's Brow Pencils! Eight colors that are soft enough to blend, yet firm enough to keep a sharpened tip for clean, precise application.Size: 7in. / 178mm.

  • Paris Berlin Brow Pencil - Brow Definition

    Paris Berlin Brow Pencil - Brow Definition is an absolutely revolutionizing browpencil!Due to its uniquely waxbased formula this browpencil is so different from any browproduct you've tried before. Why? Because not only is it waterproof but it also stays put on oily skin, which is a true testament to its superb formula.Create shape, contour, colour and fullness with only ONE item!Easy application with a retractable pin.

    • Doesn't break off.
    • Waxbased & waterproof.
    • Always a perfect pointed tip without a pencil sharpener.
    • Paraben free.
    • Vegan friendly
    • BD1 Dark brown; for medium/dark skin tones with dark brown/black brows.
    • BD2 Medium brown; for light/medium skin tones with medium/dark brows.
    • BD3 Taupe-beige; for light skin tones with blonde/light brown brows.