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  • Diamond FX Essential Face And Body Paint
    £ 3.99£ 12.99

    Diamond FX Essential White* is a wax-based, water activated paint. Its high density of color pigments helps retain brightness, even when painted over other colors. Create colorful designs with long-lasting coverage.

    Diamond FX Essential face and body paint

    The Diamond FX Essential collection is hypoallergenic and formulated with EEC and FDA compliant cosmetic ingredients. We do not recommend mixing our products with other brands. This might cause reactions unfavorable to your skin.

    Tips and tricks

    Stay on top of hygiene and keep your cakes and tools dry and clean. Don’t use hydrating products before you paint your skin. We recommend activating our paint with a wet brush or damp sponge. Don’t leave excess water in your cakes. Remove the paints from the skin with mild soap and cold to lukewarm water. View our FAQ for more information about our products and skin safety.

  • Diamond FX Neon Cosmetic
    £ 4.99£ 13.99

    Diamond FX Neon White Cosmetic* is a wax-based, water activated paint. At first sight our Neon paints seem to have less coverage. They are however incredibly bright under blacklight. Our neon colors can be painted over any color, while maintaining their brightness. It is the finishing touch to any body art design.

  • Graftobian Face Painting Palette Primary Colours
    £ 24.00

    Two palettes with the most versatile Colour options. These Primary and Secondary Colour sets contain five 1/4 oz dishes of Disguise Stix face paint and Opalescent and Hologram Prismatic Powdered Glitters respectively. Primary Colours Set Includes: -#4 Flat Brush -Clown White #99004 -Midnight Black #99017 -Royal Red #99025 -Sunshine Yellow #99027 -Neptune Blue #99020 -Opalescent Glitter #96101 Part Number:99055

  • Graftobian Face Painting Palette Secondary Colours
    £ 24.00

    Two palettes with the most versatile Colour options. These Primary and Secondary Colour sets contain five 1/4 oz dishes of Disguise Stix face paint and Opalescent and Hologram Prismatic Powdered Glitters respectively. Secondary Colours Set Includes: -#4 Flat Brush -Fuchsia Fun #99002 -Deep Purple #99007 -Fire Orange #99009 -Irish Green #99013 -Teddy Bear Brown #99001 -Hologram Prismatic Glitter #96124Part Number:99056  

  • Graftobian ProPaint 30ml
    £ 10.80

    ProPaint™, proudly made in the USA, is highly blendable and coats large areas easily, with very little product needed on your brush or sponge, for vibrant and bold coverage.  ProPaint™ dries to a brilliant finish that is comfortable on skin, without feeling heavy or greasy, and is smudge proof and long-wearing throughout the day without the cracking or peeling.  In addition to face and body art, ProPaint™ is great for use as Cosplay makeup. With bright, durable Colours ideal for super heroes or anime & movie characters, and 4 Metallic Colours perfect for Steam Punk costumes. To use: ProPaint™ is easily activated with a small amount of water.  Moisten the sponge or brush, and work the surface of the cake into a rich spreadable cream.  Apply to skin area, and allow to dry to a smudge proof finish.  This water based makeup does not need to be set with powder, but it can be sealed with Graftobian’s Makeup Setting Spray, for extra protection and more waterproof wear. ProPaint™ is safe for face and body, or hair and nails.  Available in 48 exciting Colours: 28 intense Colour shades, 4 shimmery metallics, 12 pearl frost, and 4 brilliant neons.  1 oz / 30ml cake.  Fragrance free.  Applications may vary depending on size of design and water usage on cakes. To Remove: ProPaint™ washes off with regular bar soap (not liquid soap), a washcloth, and water. No other special removers are needed. Prevent temporary staining from some pigments:  ProPaints are heavily pigmented, using the highest quality pigments available, which is what gives them their excellent Colour opacity. Some skin types (dry, moderate, oily) can absorb pigments or dyes into the outer skin layer, the epidermis, differently. Dry skin seems to be somewhat more susceptible to absorbing certain pigments. Light application of a skin moisturizer prior to application of ProPaint can help with this. Note: ProPaint™ Neon shades are for hair and nails only.

  • Grimas Water Makeup Glossy Pure P12 Palette 12
    £ 30.50

    Grimas Water Make-up Pearl Pure is an unperfumed, gluten-free, glossy water-based make-up, intended for face-painting and body-painting. Water Make-up works just like watercolour paint. The colours can be mixed together. Pure means that the product in question does not contain any chemical preservatives (such as parabens) or halogenated organic compounds. The Water Make-up Pearl Pure is available in palettes of 6 or 12 x 2,5 ml cups. In addition the colours can be ordered individually in A1(2,5 ml) and in 15, 25 and 60ml packaging. Click a colour to see the sizes available in that colour. There are 41 matt Water Make-up (Pure) colours plus 12 Pearl shades. Click 'Colo