Highlight & Contour

  • Ben Nye Concealer Neutralizing Crayons

    For artists on the go, these crayons cover a multitude of imperfections. The series is inspired by Ben Nye’s classics, such as Coverette, Mellow Yellow, Blue Neutralizer, Tattoo and Studio Beard Cover. They yield high pigmentation and offer a durable, yet silky texture.Expect 100-300 applications.

  • Ben Nye Lumiere Metallic Powder 14g.

    Extreme color power with enticing shimmer. Pressed pigment-rich, intense colours. Apply dry for a softer finish, or with water for enhanced opacity. Set with Final Seal or mix with LiquiSet for a smudge-proof, water-resistant result.

  • Ben Nye Powder Blush, Rouge & Contour

    Discover the expressive colors of Ben Nye's Powder Cheek Rouge! Soft, natural, vivid and dramatic, choose your look from over 30 distinct shades. Intense color payoff is packaged in a sleek black, matte, rubberized coating container with a hinged snap cover closure. Layer colors for a custom contoured shade or soften and mute with a loose powder.Size: 0.12oz / 3.5gm. Yield 100-250 applications.

  • Ben Nye Shimmer Crayons

    Ben Nye's Shimmer Crayons add dazzling effects to face and body! Draw on metallic accents effortlessly and blend with the warmth of your fingertip for smooth results. These waterproof colors set within minutes for a smudge-proof finish and can be sheered out for added sparkle! Safe for use on eyes and may be used as a creme base for powder pigments.Size: 0.10oz / 2.8gm. Yield 20-75 applications.

  • Ben Nye Shimmer Palette 4-color
    £ 300.00

    The all-new Shimmer Palette includes four pressed highlighting powders, inspired by Ben Nye's popular Luxury Powder shades. Lightly dust the cheekbones for a sheer highlight, or mix with your favorite moisturizer for a natural glow. These finely milled powders leave a beautiful hint of color. The refillable palette's light-catching shades include Cameo, Banana, Rose and Bronze Shimmer.

  • Ben Nye Shimmer Powders

    As if they weren't already famous enough, your favorite Luxury Powders just got a glitzy makeover! Introducing the newest craze for your face - Ben Nye's Sensational Shimmer Powders! True to the original flawless formula that made Bella big, the colors are sheer and the finish is fine, but these babies have some bling. Dust them over the high points of the face for angelic accents, or mix them in with your favorite moisturizer for intensified glam. They're Bella Luxury, with a BAM!Size: 0.93oz. / 26gm Dome Jar.

  • Ben Nye Super White Loose Face Powder

    Ben Nye's Super White Face powder sets creme makeup for a durable, soft matte finish! Find your match in several shades ranging from fair to cool, to the rich, deep brown! Neutral Set Translucent Powder is a colorless powder that blends with all skin tones without diminishing the natural glow of your complexion.The special formula also controls perspiration, making this product perfect for high energy performers such as clowns or dancers! Super White Powder is Ben Nye's only non-translucent powder that contains a bright white pigment good for White, Geisha, Porcelain, and other very fair shades.

  • Paris Berlin Compact Foundation - Le Correcteur

    Paris Berlin Compact Foundation - Le Correcteur is a new type of compact foundation where the very fine texture is a subtle mixture between powder and cream. It is very long lasting and leaves a completely natural mat flawless complexion. Paris Berlins compact foundation is used diligently in opera houses/theaters due to its longevity on the skin and good coverage.

  • Paris Berlin HD Compact Powder - La Compacte Hightech

    La Poudre Compacte Hightech is a fantastic pressed powder. Its extremely exceptional finesses combines perfect hold, soft touch and fabulous transparency. Paraben free.

  • Paris Berlin Radiant Highlight Concealer - L'ideal Touch

    Paris Berlin Radiant Highlight Concealer - L'Ideal Touch is a magic highlighting concealer pen that lifts fine lines, wrinkles and highlights the cheekbones, forehead, chin and nose in beautiful way.This radiant highlight concealer is a favorite among top makeup artists, celebrities, models and women around the world. It's a beauty tool and a makeup essential for everyone that wants to emphasize radiance over coverage and give the skin a luminous complexion.Its application is easy and very hygienic. A couple of strokes with this concealer pens brush and you`ll even out the skin and even the hyperpigmentation goes away.