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  • Beard Cleaning Solution 1000 ml
    £ 14.88

    PRODUKTKODE: 02047/00 Details: 1000 ml

    Beard Cleaning Solution indeholder rent ethanol, også kaldet IPA. Det er et opløsningsmiddel som kan bruges til flere formål, med mange formål i makeup artist industrien. Den renser tyller og Wigs fra alkohol opløselige klæbestoffer, som et affedtningsmiddel til værktøjer og arbejds områder, så vel som den kan bruges til mange andre ting og teknikker i værkstedet.

  • Grimas Cleansing lotion
    £ 4.85£ 8.00

    Grimas Cleansing Lotion is a cleansing lotion that extra cleanses and degreases the skin, to use both before and after make-up.  The lotion is available in a 25 ml and a 100 ml flask.

  • Grimas Cleansing Milk 100ml
    £ 8.00

    Grimas Cleansing Milk is a liquid, soft emulsion for removing for instance Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge, Foundation and Cake Make-up and for cleansing of the skin in general.  Cleansing Milk is available in a 100 ml flask.

  • Grimas Makeup Remover 100 ml
    £ 8.00

    Grimas Make-up Remover is a liquid remover with a mineral oil base. It contains no preservatives and is used for removing make-up (including waterproof mascara). Make-up Remover comes in a 100 ml flask.

  • Grimas Multi remover (100ml/25ml)
    £ 6.70£ 13.50

    Grimas Multi Remover is a non-greasy two-phase liquid on a silicone basis. Multi Remover gets rid of all types of make-up, including heavy and extreme make-up such as Grimas Camouflage Make-up Pure, Derma Wax, Nose Wax and Eyebrow Plastic. Multi Remover is available in a 25 ml and a 100 ml flask. *This is a flask of multi remover in your selected size*

  • Kryolan Aquacleanse
    £ 8.99£ 17.50

    AquaCleans is an innovative, oil-free make-up remover, suitable for the removal of all kinds of make-up. Mild cleansing substances assure thorough yet gentle make-up removal, deep down into pores. After make-up removal, clear water or skin tonic can be applied to the skin, for a truly refreshing, invigorating experience.

  • Kryolan Beard Cleaning Solution 1000 ml
    £ 9.99

    Beard Cleaning Solution consists of pure Ethanol, also called IPA. It is a multi-purpose solvent for many applications in make-up artistry. It serves in cleaning tulle and wig fronts from any alcohol soluble adhesives, as a degreaser for tools and working areas as well as a multitude of different techniques in the workshop. Details: 1000 ml

  • Kryolan Cleansing Milk Plus
    £ 5.99

    Cleansing Milk Plus was developed especially to remove make-up, and to effectively care for the skin at the same time. The biological components of Cleansing Milk Plus include extracts from chamomile, calendula, and aloe vera – as well as avocado oil, supported by vitamin E. Even during make-up removal, these ingredients have a soothing effect on your skin. After make-up removal the skin feels relaxed. Details: 250 ml

  • Kryolan Eye Makeup Remover 100 ml
    £ 14.30

    Eye Make-up Remover is a dual-phase make-up remover for particularly mild cleansing of the areas around the eyes. Due to the dual-phase a very accurate cleansing will be achieved. No fragrances or perfumes have been added, in order to protect sensitive skin. Eye Make-up Remover should be shaken well before using so that the dual-phase is mixed well. The mixture can now be applied gently on a cotton pad so that the surface is moistened well but should not drip. Now the eyelid can be cleaned gently. May not be recommended for contact lens wearers. Details: 100 ml

  • Kryolan HD Micro Foam Cleanser
    £ 17.00

    The HD Micro Foam Cleanser changes after pumping into a rich cleansing foam. The make-up can be removed very gently from the skin with the foam. The added perfume of wild berry yoghurt gives the product a refreshing fruity smell. HD Micro Foam Cleanser is suitable for each skin type. HD Micro Foam Cleanser should be shaken well before using it. The required quantity should be pumped onto a cleaning tissue or cotton pad which can now be applied onto the skin. HD Micro Foam Cleanser can also be applied directly onto the made up skin. The make-up can now be removed from the skin with a cotton pad. A final cleaning with clean water is recommended. Details: 180 ml