SFX Tools

  • Angular-Narrow Spatula 0-1067
    £ 94.00

    PRODUKTKODE: 60301/00 DETALJER: 15.5 cm

    Metal modellerings værktøj som er ideel til modellerings arbejde eller andre make-up artist kreationer.

  • Ben Nye Blending Spatula ST-5
    £ 100.00

    Blend products on your palette or fill narrow cosmetic containers with all your favorite colors using Ben Nye's Blending Spatula! This pliant, stainless steel blade is secured in a comfortable wooden handle for convenient use. Wipe blade clean with alcohol.Blade Length: 2.5" / 63mm. from bend.

  • Ben Nye Brushes - Custom Flat

    These brushes are a face and body painter's favorite! Ben Nye's Flat Brushes expertly blend all kinds of cremes and water activated colors with smoothing synthetic fibers. Easy clean up and long lasting.

  • Ben Nye Professional Brushes - Stipple & Texture

    The Ben Nye Stipple & Texture Brushes are an incredible asset to any pro's kit. Perfect for creating beards and textured effects for SFX, stage and theater! They have multiple uses, for beauty they can be amazing too! The Compact Blender and Soft Blender can be great for blending eyeshadows or creme products, while the Dome Texture also can be used for concealer.

  • Ben Nye Silicone Tool (Flat Chisel) ST-3
    £ 110.00

    Ben Nye's Silicone Tool is a double-sided flat chisel, great for detailed applications.

  • Ben Nye Single Blade Spatula ST-1
    £ 90.00

    Single blade spatula has slight flexibility and a very thin blade, making it our personal favorite spatula tool. Stainless Steel blade.

  • Ben Nye Tapered Blade Spatula ST-4
    £ 100.00

    Ben Nye's Tapered Blade Spatula is great for smoothing, detailing, mixing, or cleaning-up molds! Use it to fill and draw creme makeup from cosmetic containers with it's tapered tip. Stainless steel blade is set in a sturdy wooden handle. Wipes clean with alcohol.Size: 3.25" / 85mm.

  • Ben Nye Wooden Modeling Tool MT-1
    £ 70.00

    Ben Nye's Wooden Modeling Tool is a versatile application tool to mold and shape Nose & Scar Wax, Thick Blood, and Effects Gels! Durable and lightweight.

  • Cat Tongue-Flat Spatula 0-1264
    £ 94.00

    PRODUKTKODE: 60302/00 DETALJER: 16 cm

    Metal modellerings værktøj ideel til modellerings arbejde eller andre make-up artist kreationer.

  • Grimas Dermawax Spatula
    £ 25.00

    Spatel til Dermavoks. Grimas Derma Wax Spatula er en spatel der bruges til at tage Derma Wax, Eyebrow Plastic and Nose Wax ud, påføre og forme det.

  • Kryolan Stipple Sponge Coarse-pore
    £ 33.00

    Meget grovt-poret, robust svamp som kan bruges til forskellige formål, blandt andet med øjenskygger for at give et ubarberet look, og til at skabe andre specielle effekter såsom en sårskorpe effekt med Fresh Scratch.

  • Lance-Curve Spatula 0-1066
    £ 94.00

    PRODUKTKODE: 60300/00 DETALJER: 15.5 cm

    Metal værktøj ideel til modellering arbejde eller andre makeup artist kreationer.