EcoSparkles Fine Antique Rose 8g

EcoSparkles Fine Antique Rose 8g

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Biodegradable glitter from EcoSparkles.

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The finest quality of EcoSparkles Glitters. A classic glitter cut, that gives you the light fairy dust. Perfect to use around eyes, for full skin coverage or as a nice hint on cheekbones.

EcoSparkles Glitters are 40% softer that PET plastic glitter and is therefor safe to use close to the eye area. All Glitters are cosmetic grade, FDA approved and safe to use on skin, hair and body.

Made from cellulose of Eucalyptus trees. All materials are natural, sustainably sourced, non GMO and biodegradable both in nature and marine water.

None of EcoSparkles products have been tested on animals and are 100% vegan.

Comes in beautiful little sturdy glass jars with an aluminum cap, holding approx 8g.


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