Adhesives & remover

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  • Grimas Multi remover (100ml/25ml)

    Grimas Multi Remover is a non-greasy two-phase liquid on a silicone basis. Multi Remover gets rid of all types of make-up, including heavy and extreme make-up such as Grimas Camouflage Make-up Pure, Derma Wax, Nose Wax and Eyebrow Plastic. Multi Remover is available in a 25 ml and a 100 ml flask. *This is a flask of multi remover in your selected size*

  • Grimas Stopple Paste

    Grimas Stoppelpasta is a sticky paste, with which pieces of Wool Crepe and Polyglitter can be attached to the skin. It can be applied on top of all types of make-up. Stoppelpasta is available in 2,5 ml individual (A1) cups and as an 23 ml twist stick.