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  • Conceal-All Wheel - NK-1

    Four effective Concealers make this a must for every makeup case.  Includes NB-1, NB-2, NR-1, NT-2

  • Cover-All Wheel - SK-1

    Four classic neutralizing shades are included in this best selling wheel.  Mutes redness, veins, tattoos, beard shadows and skin disColourations.  Includes MY-2, MO-2, CC-3, FS-3

  • Paris Berlin Compact Foundation - Le Correcteur

    Paris Berlin Compact Foundation - Le Correcteur is a new type of compact foundation where the very fine texture is a subtle mixture between powder and cream. It is very long lasting and leaves a completely natural mat flawless complexion. Paris Berlins compact foundation is used diligently in opera houses/theaters due to its longevity on the skin and good coverage.

  • Paris Berlin Concealer Palette

    This concealer palette offers a large choice of shades. With their high concentrations of pigments, each shade is perfect for covering a variety of conditions such as vitilligo, skin blemishes, dark circles, even tattoos. You will find every corrector and concealer you'll ever need in one convenient palette. All shades are long-lasting.

  • Paris Berlin Long Lasting Concealer - L'Anticerne

    Paris Berlin Long Lasting Concealer Pen - L´Anticerne is a soft long lasting concealer tested to respect the fineness of the delicate eye area. This veganfriendly concealer removes fine lines around the eyes, dark circles and shadows immediately, for all day long. Easy to apply, this liquid soft concealer won' t settle into lines and covers imperfections with a natural looking finish.

  • Paris Berlin Radiant Highlight Concealer - L'ideal Touch

    Paris Berlin Radiant Highlight Concealer - L'Ideal Touch is a magic highlighting concealer pen that lifts fine lines, wrinkles and highlights the cheekbones, forehead, chin and nose in beautiful way. This radiant highlight concealer is a favorite among top makeup artists, celebrities, models and women around the world. It's a beauty tool and a makeup essential for everyone that wants to emphasize radiance over coverage and give the skin a luminous complexion. Its application is easy and very hygienic. A couple of strokes with this concealer pens brush and you`ll even out the skin and even the hyperpigmentation goes away.

  • Supercover Correctors

    Supercover concealers and correctors have been selected from the Supercover foundation range to provide excellent covergae for birthmarks, tattoos, scars, dark circles, skin disolouration and even vitiligo. As with all the Supercover undertones they contain only minerals and high quality refined cosmetic waxes. Their high concentration means a little goes a long way.

  • Tattoo Cover-All Wheel - SK-11

    Conceal tattoo markings and other Colour imperfections with these four intense creme shades.  Shades include: MY-3, NB-4, CC-1, NT-2