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  • Grimas Liquid Foundation 35ml

    Grimas Foundation is a matt liquid make-up that can be applied both covering and transparent. Extremely well suited for visagie, film, photography, et cetera. The foundation is available in 35 ml tubes. Foundation is available in various skin shades, ranging from light to dark. *This product is a 35 ml tube of your selected shade.*

  • Supercover Foundation

    KEY INGREDIENTS & BENEFITS: # A full coverage Foundation for everyday use, not heavy, looks natural. # Protects the skin ( contains minerals such as Titanium Dioxide ). # 40 colours for every global skin tone. ( no need to mix 2 or 3 colours ). # No animal ingredients, testing & no prabens. # Allows the skin to breathe & function normal, ( does not block pores ). # Suitable for all skin undertones and types, good for oily skin & acne prone. # Totally water proof when applied correctly and set with Supercover fine powder. # Great value, speads further and lasts much longer than most other Foundations. # Lasts 10, 12 even 14 hours depending on humidity. # Matte to cream finish, great for bridal & all HD photographic makeup. # Also great for Film, TV and stage to broadcasting standards. WHAT MAKES ULTIMATE FOUNDATION ( HD ) DIFFERENT: # A mineral based botanical cream Foundation ( not powder like other mineral makeup ). # Supercover raw marerials are not tested on animals. ( animal friendly ). # Each ingredient is tested to ensure that they are not hazardous to health. # A full 5* star, rated makeup on Face Book. # Dermatological tests ( patch tests ) provide stability / durability of Supercover Foundation. # Microbiological purity tests to ensure a safe product for customers and environment. IT IS ALSO THE ULTIMATE PARA-MEDICAL IN SKIN CAMOUFLAGE: > Approved by BASC: British Association of Skin Camouflage > Approved by The Vitiligo Society > Supercover Ultimate Foundation HD will cover: Acne marks, Birthmarks, Tattoos, Hyper Pigmentation, Under Eye Circles, Vitiligo, Eczema, Rosacea, Burn scars, Broken Capillaries, Age Spots, Portwine Stains etc.