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  • 2oz. Spritzer Bottle (Empty)
    £ 3.00

    Missing something in your kit? How about Ben Nye's Empty Spritzer Bottle? The perfect size for a handheld spritzer, this little guy fits neatly into your kit and helps you save space. Leave your big bottles of brush cleaner, alcohol, setting spray or other liquids at home and fill up your Ben Nye Empty Spritzer Bottle with your liquid of choice! Fits 2 fluid ounces and will also fit into most brush belts for quick brush sanitation on the go.Holds 2fl.oz. / 59ml.

  • Angular-Narrow Spatula 0-1067
    £ 11.28

    PRODUKTKODE: 60301/00 Details: 15.5 cm

    Metal modellerings værktøj som er ideel til modellerings arbejde eller andre make-up artist kreationer.

  • Ben Nye Blending Spatula ST-5
    £ 12.00

    Blend products on your palette or fill narrow cosmetic containers with all your favorite Colours using Ben Nye's Blending Spatula! This pliant, stainless steel blade is secured in a comfortable wooden handle for convenient use. Wipe blade clean with alcohol.Blade Length: 2.5" / 63mm. from bend.

  • Ben Nye Brush Cleaner
    £ 7.20£ 52.80

    • Quick drying
    • Liquid brush cleaner
    • Gentle yet effective
    • Alcohol free, non hazardous formula
    • Hygienically cleanses makeup brushes

  • Ben Nye Brushes - Custom Flat
    £ 6.60£ 10.80

    These brushes are a face and body painter's favorite! Ben Nye's Flat Brushes expertly blend all kinds of cremes and water activated Colours with smoothing synthetic fibers. Easy clean up and long lasting.

  • Ben Nye Professional Brushes - Angle
    £ 8.40£ 10.80

    These brushes do it all! Ben Nye's Angled Brushes are made with non-porous Taklon fibers to keep bristles free of bacteria and work exceptionally well with moist makeup in particular. The clean, slanted edges make straight lines and fine detailing easy, making these brushes good for a variety of applications, such as for creme or cake liner, brow gel or shadow, eyeshadows of all kinds and lip Colour!

  • Ben Nye Professional Brushes - Buffers & Blenders
    £ 14.40£ 19.20

    Ben Nye's Professional Buffer & Blender Brushes are made from high end synthetic fibers providing exceptional versatility and blending qualities. They are superbly crafted for dozens of practical uses. Blend, buff, layer and fine tune any makeup with these soft, supple indispensable brushes. 

  • Ben Nye Professional Brushes - Custom Round
    £ 6.00£ 16.80

    Ben Nye Round Brushes add the finer details to your creation! Put Colour just where you want it with the fine and small point tips, great to expertly line eyes, etch brows or fill in the fine details. Ideal for any makeup that requires fluid application, such as cake or creme liner makeup.

  • Ben Nye Professional Brushes - Dome
    £ 9.60£ 12.00

    Ben Nye Dome Brushes fit into the corners of your eye and other small hollows of the face for adding a small dab of Colour or patting on a creme highlight or concealer. Made with anti-bacterial Taklon fibers, use them for everything from creme shadows to correctors! Rounded corners allow for soft, smooth blending.

  • Ben Nye Professional Brushes - Stipple & Texture
    £ 4.80£ 21.60

    The Ben Nye Stipple & Texture Brushes are an incredible asset to any pro's kit. Perfect for creating beards and textured effects for SFX, stage and theater! They have multiple uses, for beauty they can be amazing too! The Compact Blender and Soft Blender can be great for blending eyeshadows or creme products, while the Dome Texture also can be used for concealer.