Grimas Brushes Imitation Mongoose IMR2 Round

Grimas Brushes Imitation Mongoose IMR2 Round

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Grimas Brushes Imitation Mongoose IMR2 Round

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Grimas Imitation Mongoose Brushes are an excellent alternative to brushes made of natural hair. The brushes have a black stem and the number indicates the width in mm.

Because of their rounded form oval Imitation Mongoose Brushes are very suitable for applying make-up on larger areas. Due to softness, size and shape IMO18 is ideal for applying foundation. The round Imitation Mongoose Brushes are convenient for streaks and curls with for example water make-up. With the fan-shaped brush IMW6 one can work very precisely when doing visagie and it allows to remove local excess powder. With the fan-shaped brush the hairs spread out from to 6 to 60 mm in the shape of a fan.

Imitation Mongoose Brushes can be cleaned with shampoo or soap and water. After washing, mould the wet hairs into the right shape by hand and leave the brush to dry on a towel. Do not leave the brush upright during drying, because the water will then be absorbed into the shaft. Do not leave the brushes standing in a bowl of water for long periods, because this is bad for the hairs.


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