• Ben Nye Cake Eyeliner

    Ben Nye's Cake Eye Liner allows you to achieve a clean edge and precise, delicate lining every time! More forgiving and softer than liquid eyeliner, this product is great for those who want to practice application with a steady hand! Simply dip a wet brush of your choice into the cake liner and stir into a creamy, rich consistency for bold, definite color! May also be used with LiquiSet as an activating agent instead of water for longer lasting wear.Size: 2 grams.

  • Ben Nye Lumiere Metallic Grande Colour

    Lumière Metallic Grand Colour offers extreme color power and enticing shimmer. Pressed pigment-rich Metallic Grande Colours apply dry for a softer finish, or with water for enhanced opacity.Seal with Final Seal or LiquiSet for durability. Expect 25-150 applications.Phenomenal for brilliance, Lumière transforms beauty, fantasy, avant garde and even F/X makeup into art. Intense color and shimmer in every shade exceed your expectations.Size: 2,7g.

  • Ben Nye Lumiere Metallic Powder 14g.

    Extreme color power with enticing shimmer. Pressed pigment-rich, intense colours. Apply dry for a softer finish, or with water for enhanced opacity. Set with Final Seal or mix with LiquiSet for a smudge-proof, water-resistant result.

  • Ben Nye Magicolor Creme Crayons

    No need to carry around your applicators with Ben Nye's MagiColor Cream Crayons! Perfect for applying details to clowns or mimes around small areas like the nose, these crayons cover excellently. With no need for an applicator and a wide range of colors, they're also great for touch-ups! Set with Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder.Size: 0.05oz / 1.4gm. - 0.09 / 2.5gm. Yield 30-75 applications.

  • Ben Nye Magicolor Creme Pencils

    Show your color and spirit with Ben Nye MagiColor Creme Pencils! The creamy, richly pigmented formula is a hassle-free way to add the fine details to your look - whether it be for character makeup, clowns, mimes, face designs, fantasy or athletic events! Easy clean up and sharpenable.

  • Ben Nye Precision Eyeliner

    New from Ben Nye! Have full control of the look you're going for with this easy-to-use felt-tipped brush! "Flick" on a cat eye with ease or subtly dash the lash line with dots for natural definition. Water-resistant with a contoured handle for easy gripping.Size: 0.034fl.oz / 1ml. Length: 5 1/4in. / 133mm.

  • Ben Nye Shimmer Crayons

    Ben Nye's Shimmer Crayons add dazzling effects to face and body! Draw on metallic accents effortlessly and blend with the warmth of your fingertip for smooth results. These waterproof colors set within minutes for a smudge-proof finish and can be sheered out for added sparkle! Safe for use on eyes and may be used as a creme base for powder pigments.Size: 0.10oz / 2.8gm. Yield 20-75 applications.