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  • Grimas Mascara 101 (Black) Black 6 ml

    Grimas Mascara is an old-fashioned waterproof mascara. The mascara comes in a 6 ml pack (including a brush). Procedure You apply the mascara with the brush. If necessary, brush off with a clean, dry mascara brush afterwards to remove any lumps. Repeat applying the mascara and the brushing afterwards until you have achieved the desired result. This extremely waterproof mascara is less suitable for people with contact lenses. Removal You remove mascara with a cotton wool pad soaked in Grimas Cleansing Milk, Make-up Remover or Multi Remover Pure.

  • Kryolan Cake Mascara

    Classical cake mascara in different shades, for eyelash coloration. Also effective for temporary hair shading. Apply moist with a little brush. Remove easily with Eye Make-up Remover. Details: 4 g

  • Kryolan Dermacolor Light Mascarablack

    A medium coverage Mascara that dries quickly and remains durable throughout numerous occasions. Removable with Kryolan Eye Make-up Remover. Details: 5 ml

  • Kryolan Mascara Color Intensifierblack

    Mascara Color Intensifier is a intensive-color mascara that is resistant to moisture. Its creamy base assures a pleasant wearing experience. Details: 6 ml