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  • Bald Cap Mold Block

    Bald Cap Mold Block er til fremstilling af kunstige bald caps lavet af Glatzan. Denne formblok er velegnet til to størrelser: 55 og 57 cm. Påfør Glatzan jævnt på Bald Cap Mold Block og gentag om nødvendigt for at opnå den ønskede tykkelse af bald capen. Denne Bald Cap Mold Block er meget let, fordi den er hul indvendig.

  • Kryolan Bald Cap Mold Block

    Bald Cap Mold Block for producing artificial bald caps especially made from Glatzan. This mold block is suitable for two sizes: 55 and 57 cm. Apply Glatzan evenly onto the Bald Cap Mold Block and repeat if necessary to achieve the desired thickness of the bald cap. This Bald Cap Mold Block is very lightweight because it is hollow inside. Details: 55/57 cm

  • Kryolan Scar Matrix

    The Scar Matrix by Kryolan holds 7 different styles of typical injuries and scars to be covered with Liquid Latex, giving you the opportunity to reproduce a multitude of versatile prosthetics. We recommend the use of Mold Release Spray and Translucent Powder to ease removal of the dried prosthetics. Do not use with liquids containing solvents. Cover the template with a very fine layer of Mold Release Spray and let it dry completely. Dust the template evenly with a small amount of Translucent Powder and remove any access. Use any convenient tool, such as cotton buds, a fine sponge or brush to cover the chosen style of injury with a very fine layer of Liquid Latex. Let this first layer dry up almost completely. Use a hairdryer, if you want to speed up the process. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the thickness of the prosthetic. Let the prosthetic dry through completely. This might take some hours depending on the injury and thickness of the effect. Cover the dried prosthetic with a generous amount of Translucent Powder and lift it up gently at the edges. Pull the latex piece from the template, dusting the surface with powder to prevent the fine edges sticking to each other.