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  • Kryolan HD Skinliner

    HD Skinliner represents a new concept for precise make-up lines on face and body – and also serves as a perfect lip and eye liner. HD Skinliner is applied easily and conveniently. The soft silicone tip draws a precise line, and the color ink demonstrates excellent adherence to the skin, without running. HD Skinliner is waterproof. Kryolan Eye Make-up Remover is recommended for removal of waterproof Skinliner. Note: After long use of Skinliner, the soft silicone tip can wear out. To extend the life of the liner, just pull out the tip, turn it around, and replace it. This restores the original precision. Details: Pen with soft silicone tip

  • Paris Berlin Lip Pencil Le Crayon Lévres

    This long-lasting matte lip pencil offers a large choice of tints which complement the lip Colour line. Its soft and very pigmented texture ensures a perfect outline and lip definition.