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  • Blood Powder 10g

    PRODUKTKODE: 04120/00 DETALJER: 10 g

    Blood Powder giver dig mulighed for realistisk at simulere et udseende af pludselige blodige effekter. Et godt eksempel på brug er et blødende sår på scenen eller i en film, mens kameraet kører. Blood Powder skal påføres tyndt og ensartet på den ønskede, tørre del af skuespillerens hud. Det anvendes bedst ved brug af en powder puff eller powder brush. Instant Blood powder påført på denne måde er næsten usynligt indtil dette tidspunkt. Området som skal simulere såret belægges derefter med et vådt medium: for eksempel fortyndet transparent gelé eller glycerin fortyndet med vand. Dette produkt påføres så i kontakt med det område af huden dækket med Blood Powder. Et sivende sår af kunstigt blod vil så straks komme til syne, med en mængde afhængig af mængden af fugt der påføres. Blood Powder er fremstillet med opløseligt farvestof og kan ikke fjernes fra tekstilstof. Det kan kun fjernes fra nogle overflader med vanskeligheder. For at forhindre farvning af skuespillerens hud skal Blood Powder påføres på hud der først er påført et beskyttende lag af greasepaint.

  • Fleet Street Blood Paste

    Fleet Street Bloodworks Blood Pastes add dimension to the liquid Bloodworks products. Blood Pastes stay in place when applied and become dry to to the touch. Add a little bit of K-Y and they instantly look wet. Available in three colors: Blood, Scab and Lymphatic (yellow brown). Mix any combination of the Blood Pastes colors with the Fleet Street Drying Bloods or Skin Illustrator colors to create a warmth and depth in your blood that you never thought possible.

  • Fleet Street Drying Blood Fresh, 2 oz

    Welcome to Fleet Street Bloodworks — the most unique theatrical blood on the market. Made from FDA approved pigments, m Drying Blood stay moist looking, even when dry. Designed for use on both skin and hair, they stay where they’re placed, without migrating or dissipating as the day wears on. Drying Bloods are available in two Colours: Fresh, a vibrant natural tone — and Dark, a deep moody blood tone that intermix to create your desired look. Use them with  the Fleet Street Blood Pastesto add depth and texture to your blood work. Fleet Street Drying Bloods allow the makeup artist to layer the bloods to get a deep sense of Colour and realism. The Drying Bloods work the same on all appliance materials including both jacketed and un-jacketed silicones as well as temporary tattoos without beading. Drying Bloods are smudge proof but remove easily with soap and water, or our new Fleet Street Plasma Soap.

  • Grimas Film blood A

    Grimas Filmblood is blood that retains its shine and does not dry out. It is used for finishing 'wounds' and can be applied directly onto the skin.  There are different shades of Filmblood: from light red (oxygen-rich blood) to dark red (oxygen-poor blood). 

  • Grimas Film blood B

    Grimas Filmblood is blood that retains its shine and does not dry out. It is used for finishing 'wounds' and can be applied directly onto the skin.  There are different shades of Filmblood: from light red (oxygen-rich blood) to dark red (oxygen-poor blood). 

  • Kryolan Blood Paste IEW 50ml

    Blood Paste IEW is an artificial-blood paste preparation for static creation of simulated wounds. Blood Paste IEW can be washed out from most fabrics.

  • Kryolan Blood Powder

    Blood Powder allows you to realistically simulate the sudden appearance of bloody effects. One good example of applications is a bleeding wound on the stage, or in a film while the camera is running. Blood Powder should be applied thinly and uniformly to the required, dry section of the actor’s skin. It can be applied best by a powder puff or powder brush. Instant Blood Powder applied in this way is virtually invisible until this point in time. The object intended to inflict the simulated wound is then coated with a wet medium: for example, diluted transparent jelly or glycerin diluted with water. This object is then placed in contact with the area of the skin covered with Blood Powder. A trickle of artificial blood will then immediately appear, with the amount depending on the amount of moisture applied. Blood Powder is manufactured with soluble coloring matter and cannot be removed from textile fabrics. It can be removed from some surfaces only with difficulty. In order to prevent staining of the actor’s skin, Blood Powder should be applied to skin that has been first provided with a protective shield of greasepaint.

  • Kryolan Blood Sachet's

    Blood Sachets contain Special Blood IEW and are made of a thin, transparent plastic film which can easily be brought to burst. Special Blood IEW can be used internal and external. Therefore it can be taken into the mouth or put into the nose, however Blood Sachets are not a food product and it is recommended not to swallow. When swallowed accidentally this product is not hazardous to health. Special Blood IEW is washable from most fabrics and is easily removed from skin.

  • Kryolan Dry Blood Powder

    Drying Blood combines a true-to-life color with a fresh-looking appearance once dried. Equipped with a higher viscosity and slower flow velocity, it’s ideal for creating realistic results on film, where coherence during shoots is crucial.