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  • graftobian hd glamcreme palt correctlt

    This Corrector Light Palette contains 5 lighter color-correcting creme foundation shades.

  • graftobian hd glamcreme pltcorrectordk

    This Corrector Dark Palette contains 5 darker color-correcting creme foundation shades.

  • Grimas Camouflage Cover-up G4

    Grimas-camouflage cover up-G4-2.5ml

  • Grimas Correction Stick's 3.5g

    Grimas Correction Stick Pure is a stick with extreme covering capabilities for various corrective purposes (camouflaging dark shadows, rings, bags under the eyes and pimples). Correction Stick Pure is available in 3.5 g sticks.  Correction Stick Pure is available in 5 different colours: 3 skin tones and 2 neutralising tones.  IV5 has a yellowish undertone and neutralises blue-grey shadows (rings, signs of tiredness), while soft green 408 neutralises red (red patches, pimples, red blood vessels). Pure means that the product in question does not contain any chemical preservatives (such as parabens) or halogenated organic compounds. The 'pure' products, like all Grimas products, are also gluten-free and unperfumed.

  • Kryolan Concealer Circle1

    Kryolan Concealer Circle with six different shades for covering small discolorations of the skin. This practical packaging is well suited for the professional use. Kryolan Concealer Circle is available in serveral color combinations. Details: 40 g

  • Kryolan Makeup Corrector

    Make-up Corrector is designed for precision make-up removal. This pencil is effective for minor corrections to eye and lip make-up. Spare tips included. Details: 11 cm

  • Makeup Corrector

    PRODUKTKODE: 01650/00 Details: 11 cm

    Make-up Corrector er designet til præcis make-up fjernelse. Denne blyant er effektiv til mindre rettelser til øjen og læbe make-up. ekstra spidse inkluderet.

  • Mehron Celebré Pro-HD™ Conceal-It palette

    Celebre Pro-HD Conceal-It delivers satin smooth buildable coverage for every skin type. This versatile cream makeup is perfect for concealing any type of blemish or discoloration. Conceal-It contains no refined oils, is fragrance-free, and includes vitamin E and the powerful antioxidants of pomegranate. This advanced formula also includes aloe vera to help soothe the skin. Celebre Pro-HD Conceal-It is available in a deluxe palette of 6 concealing shades that allow for targeted customized coverage for any skin tone. How to use this product: Download the Product Brochure for details and step-by-step concealer techniques. • Apply Celebré Pro-HD™ Foundation all over your face with Mehron's Face Smoothie Sponge. • Apply a thin layer of concealer to the blemish area using Mehron's Face Smoothie Sponge. • Always apply multiple thin layers in increments, instead of one thick layer. • Set the makeup with Mehron's Celebré Pro-HD™ Loose Mineral Finishing Powder.

  • Supercover Correctors

    Supercover concealers and correctors have been selected from the Supercover foundation range to provide excellent covergae for birthmarks, tattoos, scars, dark circles, skin disolouration and even vitiligo. As with all the Supercover undertones they contain only minerals and high quality refined cosmetic waxes. Their high concentration means a little goes a long way.