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  • Kryolan Liquid Latex Clear

    Vulcanized liquid latex with especially low content of ammonia. Liquid Latex is used to create small latex appliances such as noses, chin parts, bald caps, and the like. It can also be used to simulate old or injured skin.

  • Mehron Liquid Latex

    Liquid Latex is one of the most versatile special effects products on the market! Use it as an adhesive to adhere appliances to the skin, use to seal wax, create 3D effects like wounds by mixing latex with materials like cotton, or apply directly to the skin to create textured effects like aged skin, peeling skin. How to use this product: Brush on a thin layer of Liquid Latex to the desired area and allow to dry. To create 3D effects and textures mix Liquid Latex with materials like cotton, tissue, etc. and apply to skin.  To create a scar or wrinkled effect, build up thin layers of Liquid Latex powdering between each layer. To remove use Mehron Makeup Remover or warm water to soften edges and gently peel Latex off the skin. Follow with soap and water. Avoid getting latex into hair or on clothes. To protect sensitive skin, use Barrier Spray under latex.

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  • Old Age Stipple 50ml

    PRODUKTKODE: 06570/00 Details: 50 ml

    Old Age Stipple er en latex præparation til simulering af gammel og rynket hud. Stræk huden ud mellem tommelfingeren og pegefingeren, og påfør Old Age Stipple med en lille latex svamp. Lad tørre; Du kan bruge en Hairtørrer til at fremskynde tørringen. Påfør derefter forsigtigt pudder. Gentag denne procedure, indtil den ønskede effekt er opnået. Til farvning skal du bruge Special Greasepaint til gummiartikler. For at fjerne det, kan Old Age Stipple pilles af huden.

  • The Monster Makers RD-407 Mask Making Latex

    • RD-407 is the highest quality casting latex available for mask making, prop making, and slush molded prosthetics
    • Popular among many special effects artists, RD-407 can be brushed or poured into gypsum molds
    • The Monster Makers RD-407 features a quick skin build-up, excellent detail reproduction and a fast demold. RD-407 can be painted with adhesive based paints or Monster Makers Mask Paints
    • RD-407 comes as a naturally viscous material that yields a stretchy but durable rubber upon curing
    • Special Note: Latex can freeze during the winter months; take caution when ordering from colder areas of the country